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About Vege.One

Our site is a place where like-minded people gather in order to share opinions, discuss the latest in vegetarian cuisine, find answers to questions or, on the contrary, help others, discover the secrets of delicious and healthy food in all its vegetarian variety.

What will we tell you about?

We try to fill the resource pages with exactly the information that will be of interest to vegetarians and adherents of a healthy diet. Each member of our close-knit team contributes to the development of the project, posting here recipes, reviews, small life hacks for preparing simple and healthy dishes without meat, fish and other products that are not suitable for a vegetarian life.

We share our experience and talk about how a person can become lighter, healthier and more successful by giving up meat.

On our website you will find:

  1. vegetarian recipes;
  2. recommendations and review articles on vegetarianism;
  3. feedback on vegetarianism based on personal experience (results after days, months, years of practice).

What information do we offer?

This means you will learn a lot of vegetarian recipes. And what else?

Someone comes to our site to find recipes that will help you lose weight without any diet. Someone is led by curiosity and a desire to conduct their own experiment in terms of switching to a healthy diet for a while. People-regulars of our site are already established in their views practitioners who travel a lot around the world, wanting to gain invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of yoga, vegetarianism, self-development, self-improvement.

Visiting places like Tibet, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal expands knowledge of healthy eating and vegetarianism. Many of the instructions for preparing delicious and simple meals come from yoga tours and sightseeing trips. Something is a personal discovery of our friends, and they are happy to share this information.

Your participation in the project

If you love cooking vegetarian, vegan or raw food, want to share your recipes or stories of transition to vegetarianism with others, or want to offer another option for cooperation, please write to us about it