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Video recipes for lean dishes - this is a section of our site that will undoubtedly be of interest to new and regular users today!

Vegetarianism and the rejection of animal food for any other reason, sets you a goal - to find simple and tasty cooking options without meat base and other unnecessary ingredients. And it's easy! Because our site has instructions on how to prepare the best vegan meals, perfect for fasting and following the daily vegetarian diet. And in order to make cooking even easier, we have opened a section with video recipes! And now, at any time, you can choose the desired dish option and watch the instructions for its preparation in video / online format.

Video recipes without meat

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or raw foodist, there are a dozen or more culinary options here to help you craft your perfect menu. The main principle of the video selection presented here is the strict compliance of any material with the principles of veganism. No meat or animal products! Only what can and should be eaten during the strictest fast. But at the same time, all the food is tasty, varied, healthy. We do not want you to get bored or think that vegan recipes with videos are bland and sad. On the contrary, by opening any of the presented videos on the preparation of delicious and healthy food in this section, you will understand that with us your diet will become richer and richer!

Vegan recipes with video

What to cook a lean menu from and how to do it correctly is described in our lean recipes with video. You can see detailed instructions, where not only there is a verbal description of the process and a photo of the steps, but also a visual video is attached. In the video, the steps and the main tricks of preparing food without meat are shown in detail. Using this material, you can cook anything, even if you don't have enough vegan cooking experience yet.

The section provides instructions (with video) for the following dishes:

  • vegetable cutlets from carrots, cabbage, zucchini;
  • salads with spicy herbs, vegetables and fruits;
  • meatless soups, purees, cream soups;
  • vegan main course with cereal and bean side dishes.

In the list of available brewing instructions, you will find information on how to prepare drinks, smoothies, compotes and herbal teas. We'll walk you through and show you how to properly make lean desserts and snacks for the vegetarian buffet. These materials will help not only create dishes, but also decorate them for serving, so that your guests will simply gasp with amazement and flaring appetite.

Only the best for you!

The authors of the videos presented on our website are real people who practice healthy lifestyle and choose the appropriate nutritional principles for themselves. We only give preference to interesting, really reliable instructions. Choose and see the recipe for cooking the desired food option right now!

Your participation in the project
If you love cooking vegetarian, vegan or raw food, want to share your recipes or stories of transition to vegetarianism with others, or want to offer another option for cooperation, please write to us about it