Raw Basil Pesto Pizza

Raw Basil Pesto Pizza
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Nuts and seeds are rich in trace elements and fats. Raw pizza is a delicious and useful alternative to junk food. It is necessary to soak seeds and nuts beforehand in order to remove phytic acid and to promote nutrient absorption.

Step-by-step recipe

1 Preheat your oven to the lowest temperature or use a dehydrator. Prepare baking trays for the crusts.

2 Place all dry base ingredients in a blender and mix until the mixture is stuck together (hempseeds, pepos, sunflower seed, raw almonds, walnuts, 50 g basil, some salt and ground black pepper). Add some water.

3 Form two balls of dough and then roll them out. Transfer the crusts to the baking trays. Place them in the oven or dehydrator. Dry them until cooked. It may take several hours.

4 While the crusts are being cooked, prepare the filling. Cook pesto sauce in the following way: grind pine nuts, 25 g basil, some salt and 2 tablespoons of water.

5 Slice the onion, cherry tomatoes and olives. When the crusts are ready, top them with pesto sauce, vegetables and some pine nuts.

Pizza is ready! Have a nice meal!

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