Sweet and Sour fruit salad

Sweet and Sour fruit salad
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When you want something light and yummy there is nothing easier than making a fruit salad. The benefits of fruits in our diet are undeniable. They are the champions in the number of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants they contain. They are also rich in fiber which plays a significant role in our body, gives a feeling of satiation, and also as a brush cleans our bowels.

Fruit salad is a great breakfast and snack during the day. You can eat it also for brunch; however, fruits are not recommended for dinner. You are never bored with salads, especially since every time a salad is unique: you can always experiment by adding different ingredients, creating a new salad up to your mood and inspiration. Fruit salad is pretty to look at, the variety of colors and textures are always pleasing both visually and in taste.

Step by step recipe

1 Dice or slice the fruits. Divide almonds in halves.

2 Add small greens entirely, the big ones tear with hands. Mix everything very carefully and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.

3 As a salad dressing you can use: lemon or orange juice, olive or other vegetable oil; yogurt, both dairy or vegan; any nut butter mixed with plant based milk and honey to the consistency of sour cream; tahini - sesame spread, thinned with orange juice and honey.

Fruit salad is ready!

This is far not the whole list of variants! Try it! Be creative! Experiment!

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