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Taking care of your own body and the well-being of your entire family becomes easier when you have healthy recipes for every day at hand! Food is an integral part of our life. The state of the body, mood, and, as a consequence, success in life depend on how useful and balanced the menu will be.

Over the years, we have been collecting information about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle principles. Today we are happy to share this knowledge with all guests and regular users of the site. A section has been opened especially for adherents of proper nutrition, where delicious and healthy recipes with photos are collected. Thousands of simple cooking options without meat and harmful ingredients are available to you!

Simple recipes without meat - for health and beauty!

Many people think that a menu without meat is boring and monotonous, and yet not very satisfying. This is a misconception! Delicious meat-free recipes will come to the rescue of those who have realized the inadmissibility of animal products in their own diet. Lean recipes involve making simple but very healthy meals. This food will not only delight the taste, but also will not harm the body. On the contrary, meat-free dishes, the recipes for which are published in our section, are composed of healthy, organic products. Cooking methods are based on the principles of maximum preservation of the benefits of substances that make up lean foods.

There are excellent options for dinner, breakfast and lunch here.

Our collection includes the following recipes:

  • vegetarian pilaf with pumpkin and beetroot;
  • broccoli and rice cream soup;
  • salad of asparagus, celery and cucumber;
  • wild berry smoothie with soy milk;
  • lean borsch with mushrooms and beans.

These are just some of the dishes that you can prepare using the step-by-step instructions posted on our website. Photos of the dishes will inspire you and let you know how attractive and appetizing vegetarian cuisine can look.

Who are these recipes for?

It doesn't matter for what purpose you are interested in the lean menu. Recipes for vegetarian dishes will be equally useful for those who are puzzled by losing weight and those who have decided to choose the principles of healthy eating for themselves in order to preserve youth and beauty. The list of vegetarian recipes will be of interest to everyone who is keen on yoga and adheres to a special philosophy of ecology of food.

We are always open to communication and will be grateful for your experience. If you have a recipe for a lean dish that has not yet been included in our collection, share it with us and other users of the site. Let's make this world a little healthier and more beautiful together!

Your participation in the project

If you love cooking vegetarian, vegan or raw food, want to share your recipes or stories of transition to vegetarianism with others, or want to offer another option for cooperation, please write to us about it
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