10 reasons to become a vegetarian

 10 reasons to become a vegetarian
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10 reasons to become a vegetarian.

1. The best way to help animals Every vegetarian saves over 100 animals a year. By choosing plant-based foods over meat, eggs and milk, we save animals from suffering.

2. You will be healthier. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. A balanced vegetarian menu contains all the essential nutrients.

3. You will lose weight and be energized. On average, a vegetarian is 9 kg lighter than a person on a regular diet. The absence of heavy food in the diet gives lightness and burst of energy.

4. Vegetarian food is delicious! The abundance of products in modern stores will allow you to prepare a dish for every taste. You can easily find thousands of recipes on the Internet.

5. Vegetarianism will help solve the problem of hunger on the planet. Raising animals for slaughter requires tons of feed and water. The production of 10 kilograms of meat requires about 145 kilograms of grain. All this plant food could be eaten by humans. The more vegetarians there are, the less hungry people will be on Earth.

6. Let's save the planet. The meat industry pollutes the environment and changes the climate.

7. Meat is dangerous! The World Health Organization, based on 800 scientific papers, has included meat in the list of carcinogenic products.

8. Animals are smarter than we think. Pigs are sensitive to music and can even grunt rhythmically to it. Mother cows use unique sounds to address their calves that resembles of calling by name. We will describe these and other extraordinary facts about animals in a separate section.

9. Saving the budget. Vegetarian diet can be cost efficient, especially during the summer-autumn period. You can reduce your monthly food bill by buying in bulk long-term products, such as grains, pulses, nuts, dried fruits and seeds.

10. It's a trend, after all!

The list of vegetarian stars is constantly growing:

Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts, Mike Tyson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Aniston, Casey Affleck, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Miley Cyrus ... and many, many, many others.

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